Total Ground Engineering

TGE is a ground engineering consultancy specialising in wind tower foundation design. We deliver innovative and high value solutions using advanced three-dimensional modelling and a multidisciplinary (civil, structural, and geotechnical) approach.

TGE are experts in ground engineering. Our investment in tower foundation research and design using 3D finite element technologies for the wind power sector has led to the development of innovative foundations for the full range of turbine sizes, hub heights and ground conditions including gravity pad foundations with high-stem deep embedment options, micro-piled foundations and rock-anchored foundations.

Our analysis methods provide deep insights into the soil-structure interaction of foundations to overcome the growing challenge of achieving the rotational stiffness required to support increasingly taller towers and larger turbines. Our designs not only improve key operational performance requirements but can also deliver significant carbon and cost savings over traditional foundations.

We work with.

Owners and Balance of Plant contractors for;

  • Foundation Design
  • Construction Observation and Validation

Owners, funders and insurers for;

  • Design Review and Risk Assurance
  • Portfolio Audit

TGE have a multi-disciplinary New Zealand based team of engineering geologists, geotechnical, structural, and civil engineers who are experts in complex foundation design and project delivery.