Weld Cone Wind Farm

Weld Cone's three turbines at duskWeld Cone, Energy 3's three-turbine 0.75 megawatt wind farm in Marlborough, began operating in February 2010. It took three days to erect the wind farm's turbines, and then a further week to commission them.

The wind farm supplies electricity into the local Marlborough Lines network. It generates about 3 gigawatt-hours per year - which is about the same amount of electricity used by 350 to 400 homes.

The wind farm's three turbines are secondhand Micon 530 wind turbines, each with a capacity of 250kW. They were brought in from Germany and Denmark and refurbished in Christchurch. Weld Cone is the third site at which second-hand turbines are installed - Horseshoe Bend and Southbridge also make use of second hand turbines.

The project received consent in May 2009 and was not appealed. The wind farm is owned in a partnership between the landowners and Energy3.

Key facts

Operator: Energy3
Year installed: 2010
Number of turbines: 3
Turbine capacity: 0.25 megawatts
Wind farm installed capacity: 0.75 megawatts
Blade length: 13 metres
Tower height: 30 metres

More information

Energy 3 website


To see the wind turbine, change the view to satellite and zoom in.