Flat Hill

The 8 turbine flat Flat Hill Wind farm was opened on 31 August 2015.  

The Wind Farm is very close to Bluff.  The 6.8 MW windfarm uses 850kW Gamesa turbines.  The turbines have a maximum height of 81 meters.  

The Flat Hill Wind Farm site had been under consideration by the wind industry for many years.  Energy 3 applied for a resource consent in 2012.  This was appealed to the Environment Court and the consent was confirmed in March 2013.  Pioneer Energy took over the project and construction began at the end of 2014. 

“The wind resource at Bluff is one of the best in New Zealand making the Flat Hill Wind Farm an exceptional and high quality investment project. The project not only positively contributes to our continued business growth strategy, but also supports growth in the South” says Fraser Jonker, Chief Executive of Pioneer Energy.   


To see where the wind farm would be sited, change the view to satellite and zoom in.