Global Wind Day - 15 June

Celebrate the power in our wind

On 15 June more than 75 countries celebrate Global Wind Day with hundreds of events all around the world. It is a day for discovering wind, its power and the possibilities it holds to change our world.

Thousands of individuals are involved in the production of energy from the wind, but for many people, wind energy is a mystery. Global Wind Day is the day when you can visit wind farms, meet experts, attend events, take actions to support wind energy and find out everything you want to know about wind energy.

The European Wind Energy Association and the Global Wind Energy Council coordinate the Global Wind Day through a network of partners including NZWEA. The day started in Europe one in 2007 and went global in 2009.

As Kiwis, we live in a country with an exceptional wind resource that provides about 6% of our electricity. As wind energy is one of the cheapest forms of new generation, it is likely that wind will be providing 20% of our electricity by 2030.