New Zealand Wind Energy Association ('NZWEA') 2017 AGM

The Annual General Meeting of the NZWEA was held on Wednesday 1st November 2017 in Wellington.

At the AGM the Association's financial statements were approved and presentations were given by Blair Walter (Chair) and Grenville Gaskell (Chief Executive).

Here is the presentation by the Chair and Chief Executive:

This year Elizabeth Yeaman from EECA spoke on the future of electric vehicles.  In her presentation Elizabeth covered the advantages of EV’s, an update on progress towards the achievement of the Government’s target of 64,000 vehicles by 2021 and future innovations in the development of electric trucks, ships and aircraft.

She noted that, with most of New Zealand’s electricity being from renewable sources and relatively short travel distances, EV’s produce 80% fewer CO2 emissions than using a petrol vehicle. Elizabeth also commented that only 50% of Kiwi’s were aware that EV’s are cheaper to run at an estimated petrol equivalent cost of 30 cents per litre.

Here is a copy of Elizabeth's presentation:

We hope you enjoy the presentations and thanks to members who attended.