Lubricant Innovation

AB Industries 

In 1973, AB Industries started manufacturing and refurbishing white metal bearings for a wide range of rotating machinery across New Zealand. As the business expanded its regions, it also took on reconditioning of heavy diesel engines, AB Industries was now extending asset life throughout the entire Asia-Pacific region.

30 years on, in the early 2000’s, AB Industries saw the need to offer a specialised lubricant for the freshly refurbished machinery, but only the best oil would do. With much research and testing, it become clear that Royal Purple performance lubricant was the only option.

The Royal Purple lubricant has spent many years outperforming other brands of lubricant across a range of industries around the world, including the tireless and unforgiving wind industry.

Even in the best conditions, immense stress, pressure, and heat comes on the turbine gearboxes. Without a well-designed gearbox and a high performing lubricant, the gearbox becomes one of the leading causes of turbine failure.

Over the years, Royal Purple has gained the approval from a number of large OEM’s for use of the lubricant in their equipment.

Evaluation was performed over six years by one of the largest wind farm owners in Japan where they changed from major EP320 mineral gear oil and major synthetic 320 gear oil to Synfilm GT 320. At average wind speed of 6-8 meters/second (13.4-17.9 mph), units running with Royal Purple gear oil showed an increase in energy output of 5 – 5.1% over the same size units running a competitive oil. The increased turbine output was valued at over $200,000 USD per year.

It’s results like this that makes AB Industries proud to be the New Zealand agents for the Royal Purple lubricant.