Southbridge Wind Turbine

The wind turbine at Southbridge is a single 100 kilowatt Tellus turbine atop a 45 metre lattice tower. It is located 5 kilometres from Southbridge near Christchurch in the South Island.

The turbine is a Danish machine that was first commissioned in 1993 in Denmark. It was subsequently re-sold into the New Zealand market and commissioned, in its current location, in March 2005.

Energy³ has maintained, installed and connected the turbine to the local Orion network, under a contract with Meridian Energy.

This one turbine generates to enough electricity to meet the annual electricity needs of approximately 30 average New Zealand homes.


Although the turbine is located on private land, it can be viewed from Beachcroft Road, 5 kilometres from Southbridge, Canterbury.

Key facts

Operator: Energy3
Year installed: 2005
Number of turbines: 1
Turbine capacity: 0.1 megawatts
Blade length: 10 metres
Tower height: 42 metres
Annual Output: 200,000 kilowatt hours

More information

Energy3 website


To see the wind turbine, change the view to satellite and zoom in.