Transmission Pricing Development (Transpower)

The Electricity Authority (EA) has tasked Transpower to develop a new proposed Transmission Pricing Methodology (TPM) by 30 June 2021.

In developing the TPM Transpower is regularly consulting with stakeholders on aspects of the design.

The Association submitted to the EA as part of their consultation process in finalising their review – refer the Transmission Pricing Review section under the Submissions tab.

The Association has also submitted on Transpower’s consultations on individual component where these have implications for wind energy.

  • Exploring a Transitional Congestion Charge
    NZWEA supports having a transitional congestion charge to manage the risk of peak demand increasing and improve generation, transmission and distribution efficiency and average asset utilisation rates.
  • First Mover Disadvantage
    NZWEA supports Transpower’s proposed approach to addressing first mover disadvantage particularly given the forecast significant increase in electricity demand and requirement for transmission investment.

The Association’s submissions can be viewed here: