About our members

NZWEA members are involved in all aspects of the wind energy industry: from wind farm owners and developers, electricity retailers to international turbine and electrical equipment manufacturers; from crane operators through to abseilers and roading contractors; from lawyers and ecologists to meteorologists and consultants and engineers.

We have a wide gamut of expertise united by a passion for wind energy across three categories of membership, corporate, associate and individual.

Check out our members and their stories - you can search by the type of work our members do in our industry directory, or by alphabetical order in our corporate and associate member directories.

Become an NZWEA member

NZWEA’s mission is to promote the uptake of New Zealand’s abundant wind resource as a reliable, sustainable, clean and commercially viable energy source.

Our vision is that wind energy is the favoured form of electricity generation that provides 20% of NZ’s electricity requirement by 2035.

NZWEA acts on behalf of the wind energy sector and our members to fairly represent wind energy to the public, government and the energy sector. We are a central point for information for our members and a trusted voice in the debate about wind energy in New Zealand.

The Association is also active in promoting the benefits of renewable energy as a key strategy to address the impact of climate change and help New Zealand to meet its emissions reductions target under the Paris Agreement.

We welcome applications from organisations and individuals involved in the wind energy sector or who want to support renewable energy development to ensure a sustainable future for New Zealanders.

Become a member and be part of the forum for New Zealand’s wind energy sector and support renewable energy development.

Benefits of membership

Influence policy:

  • Help set NZWEA’s agenda for contact with government

  • Influence NZWEA’s responses to public consultations

  • Receive briefings on policy development.

Industry development:

  • Participate in the development of regulations and standards relevant to the wind energy sector.

Business development:

  • Networking at NZWEA’s annual conference and other events

  • Sponsorship opportunities

  • Listing on NZWEA’s website for your events, on either public or members-only areas.

  • At a corporate member’s request NZWEA may make a submission on a resource consent application or attend a hearing. For more information please email

Access to information:

  • Access to NZWEA’s members' website, including personal contact details for our members.

  • Discounted rates for NZWEA events

  • Information resources, including access to many relevant papers, presentation and historical data.

  • Receive our email newsletter covering developments, member profiles, news and events in the wind industry.

How to Join

More information about the types of membership available and how to join NZWEA can be found here

To become a member, simply fill out the membership form and contact us by email to