Lake Grassmere/Dominion Salt Wind Farm

Energy3 has installed a 660 kW Vestas V47 turbine at the Dominion Salt works by Lake Grassmere. The turbine will provide around 75% of the plant’s energy needs. These are mostly in operating the flaky salt processing plant which requires large amounts of power for water evaporation year round and in January-March when the salt harvest happens.

Lake Grassmere could also export up to 1 GWh per year from production at night and on weekends, depending on wind conditions.

The site has consent for another six turbines, which may be installed depending on the project’s success and a proposed expansion of the salt works. The proposed wind farm on the hills near the site could provide electricity for production, with excess energy generated being sold to the grid.

The wind farm could potentially produce between 5 and 7.5GWh per year when complete, equivalent to around 500-750 homes.

More information

Dominion Salt website


To see where the wind farm would be sited, change the view to satellite and zoom in.