Transpower Grid Connection Queue Management System

Transpower issued an invitation to provide feedback on their proposed grid connection queue management system (QMS) in June 2022.

The purpose of the consultation was to seek feedback on proposed changes to improve the structure and criteria for connecting new projects in the face of a significant increase in new grid connection enquiries. Transpower is seeking to implement changes to ensure a transparent and effective process which promotes competition in the best interests of consumers.

NZWEA submitted in support of the proposed QMS noting that the system should reflect the differences in the proposed renewable technology being assessed and that wind energy has a longer and more complex development cycle that some other technologies. The Association also supported an appropriate application fee being charged and an increased level of disclosure of queue level activity.

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Implementation Framework for Managing Transmission Connections

Transpower also requested comments on a subsequent update of the QMS.  The Association provided feedback that the intent to recognise different technologies was positive but that the proposed level of fees could disadvantage larger scale projects in certain situations and that further clarity should be provided for projects greater than 500 MW which are outside of the cut-off for the QMS

Click on the link below to view the Association’s comments.