NZ Certificate in wind farm maintenance

A new level 4 training programme the NZ Certificate in Wind Farm Maintenance has been developed by wind industry participants and has been approved by NZQA. The programme comprises 232 credits and has specifically been developed for training technicians in wind farm maintenance.

The requirement for a specific training programme for wind technicians is based on the recognition that wind turbines are unlike other methods of electricity generation and the driver for introducing the qualification at this time is to improve current service delivery and prepare for an anticipated increase in the number of wind farms. The technology involved in a modern windfarm generator is complex covering hydraulics, mechanical and electrical engineering.

Currently there is no National or New Zealand qualification listed on the NZQA framework to cover this broad spectrum of work, hence the reasons behind development of this new qualification.

In developing the new Qualification, a number of unit standards from existing qualifications are utilised with new standards only developed where necessary.

The Qualification exceeds the requirements of The Global Wind Organisation (GWO) Basic Maintenance Training in the industry world-wide. The Programme of industry training details can be viewed here:

While technician numbers are relatively low in NZ having this qualification is an important building block to future industry growth and ensuring a focus on technical competency and health and safety in the industry.

Connexis Infrastructure ITO, which is overseeing the development of the Programme, is currently developing the unit standards. A further update will be provided when the Programme commences.

In the interim if you would like more information on the Programme please contact the Association.