NZ Certificate in wind farm maintenance

A new training programme the NZ Certificate in Wind Farm Maintenance is being developed by wind industry participants and has been approved by NZQA. The programme comprises 3 separate qualifications:

  • NZC Electricity Supply with a strand in wind farm (level 2)
  • NZ Certificate in Wind farm Maintenance (level 3)
  • NZ Certificate in Wind farm Maintenance (level 4)

The level 2 programme is an introductory course of 40 credits which comprises safety training and knowledge of the principles of wind energy. The programme is most likely going to be available as a school-based gateway programme or via a polytechnic and a prerequisite is having an Electrical Workers Registration Board Trainee Limited Certificate.

The level 3 programme focuses on the servicing aspects of wind farm maintenance and comprises 60 credits.

The level 4 programme focuses on wind farm diagnostic and repair maintenance activities and comprises 80 credits.

Both the level 3 and level 4 programmes will be supported with on-line course content. As both courses require work experience and passing a workplace assessment it will be necessary to be employed by an organisation that services wind turbines before commencing either course.

The unit standards have been developed for the 3 qualifications and the industry is currently developing the learning and assessment resources. The development is being overseen by Connexis Infrastructure ITO with support from technical experts from within the wind industry.

While technician numbers are relatively low in NZ having this qualification is an important building block to future industry growth and ensuring a focus on technical competency and health and safety in the industry.

In the interim if you would like more information on the Programme please contact the Association.