Aotearoa Circle's Low Carbon Aotearoa - Energy Roadmap to 2030

The link to the below report is the final work product of The Aotearoa Circle’s Low Carbon Aotearoa Energy Roadmap (LCER) project.

This roadmap represents the collective, and voluntary, efforts of the LCER contributors undertaken from May 2021 to February 2022 and has been produced to outline the actions needed to be taken before 2030 to lead NZ towards a net-zero energy system that also delivers energy security, affordability, and a just transition for the parts of our society that will be impacted by these changes.

The roadmap presents thinking from across the energy sector and broader stakeholder groups that can help to inform the Government’s new national energy strategy, to be developed in 2022 (as recommended by He Pou a Rangi – the Climate Change Commission).

Further details on the Roadmap and the work of the Aotearoa Circle, can be found at: