Advancing Electrification

The electrification of the energy sector is recognised as a key strategy for New Zealand to achieve its Paris Agreement target and longer-term goal outlined in the Climate Change Response (Zero Carbon) Amendment Act of reducing net emissions of all greenhouse gases (except biogenic methane) to zero by 2050.

The Association, in November 2020, wrote to the Hon Dr Megan Woods, Minister of Energy and Resources, to share NZWEA’s perspective on actions that best enable the decarbonisation of the energy sector and progress renewable electricity generation.

The three priorities for the Association are:

  1. Actions to increase demand for electricity by the expansion of programmes to convert the wider energy sector from the use of fossils fuels to renewable electricity generation particularly in the transport and industrial process heat areas.
  2. Resource management system reform to strengthen national direction in support of renewable electricity generation including a simpler consenting process for smaller scale and community developments.
  3. Progressing the NZ Battery Project to assess dry year options so as to ensure the security of electricity supply as thermal generation reduces.

The Association’s letter to Minister Woods can be read below: