Alistair Tippett

Alistair has over 20 years experience in heavy industrial engineering, project development and delivery in New Zealand, Australia and Indonesia. Alistair’s project experience has been largely in the pulp and paper, steel, mining, chemicals and manufacturing sectors, all of which are large power consumers and are now looking to decarbonise their supply chain and actively looking to access large scale renewable electricity.

Alistair is currently Principal Engineer at Hiringa Energy. Hiringa are using Green Hydrogen as a vector to decarbonise sectors such as heavy transport industrial feedstock which are otherwise difficult to decarbonise. They are developing several projects that couple green hydrogen and green ammonia production facilities to utility scale renewable generation including wind farms in New Zealand and Australia and includes three separate wind farms in New Zealand. Hiringa believe the flexibility of green hydrogen production will play a significant role in balancing the volatility and excess generation associated with renewable energy and can help unlock constrained generation assets.  Alistair brings the viewpoint of large variable load consumers as well as private wind farm development.