Case study on the development of the onshore wind industry

In 2016, the then Chief Executive of NZWEA, prepared a report on the NZ onshore wind industry for Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC). He presented the report to an APEC conference in Vietnam in late 2016.

The Report, which tracks the development of the onshore NZ wind industry, has been well received and is now available.

The report highlighted the importance of the early research work undertaken by universities to identify the world class wind resource that NZ has.

In particular , the visionary work of Neil Cherry (Lincoln College, Canterbury University) and Keith Dawber (Otago University).

The report also noted the need to develop market rules to accommodate wind generation, and the Wind Grid Integration Project was created as a key industry milestone.

The report included a timeline of the NZ onshore wind industry’s development and the recommendations and actions that developing economies should take to develop wind energy as a viable energy source.

Click the following link to access the report: