New Zealand’s Onshore Wind Farms

By the end of 2023, New Zealand will have 19 on shore wind farms operating, with a total installed capacity of 1,045 MW. They represent around 10% of New Zealand’s total installed generation capacity, and generates enough energy to supply over 450,000 kiwi homes a year.

In addition, there is currently an additional 2,200 MW of on shore wind generation in various investigation, planning and consenting stages in New Zealand and developers are consistently exploring sites throughout New Zealand for new wind farms.

Developers generally progress from holding a consent to building a wind farm once they are satisfied that market conditions will provide a suitable commercial return. It is not expected that all consented wind generation being investigated will be constructed.

Below is a map showing the operating on shore windfarms (in green) and proposed wind farms (in orange). Click on the turbines to find out more about each individual wind farm or check out the wind farms that are already operating , those that have consent to be built and some of the proposed wind farms that may be built in the future in the directories in the side bar.



operating or under constructionWind farms that are operating or under construction

ProposedWind farms that have been consented and those that are proposed but have not yet achieved consent