Key Strategic Focus

Each year the NZWEA board reviews strategic direction to ensure the Association’s mission and vision are achieved.

At its February 2020 meeting the board reviewed the Association’s strategy.  Factors influencing the review included:

  • The scale of new renewables development required to achieve net zero carbon and how to ensure this is best enabled.
  • The impact on renewables arising from regulatory change including the draft National Policy Statement - Indigenous Biodiversity and National Policy Statement – Freshwater Management.
  • How best to support smaller community and industrial renewable projects including those which combine wind solar and batteries.
  • How to leverage behind the meter generation and storage to support the short-term variability of wind and other renewables.
  • Wholesale market arrangements to support new wind generation development
  • The Association’s strategy was revised to focus on three key areas:

  • Leveraging New Zealand’s emissions reduction imperative to enable the energy transition to renewables, particularly wind energy.
  • Optimising wind energy’s position and ensure the regulatory environment supports wind farm development.
  • Expanding the opportunity for wind energy development to enable community and industrial projects including wind’s integration with other technologies.

The Association’s mission of promoting the uptake of wind energy and vision of wind energy providing 20% of NZ’s electricity requirements by 2035 is unchanged and aligns with the Government’s 100% renewable electricity generation in an average hydrology year target.

While the COVID-19 pandemic has materially changed the short-term outlook the longer-term prospects for the wind industry remain extremely positive as decarbonisation beckons.

Further details on the Association's strategy is below.

Any questions or comments on the Association's strategy are most welcome. Contact details are located in the 'Contact Us' section.