Energy Tech Training Consultation

UCOL invites you to the second session of our Trades and Technology industry consultation process to help define our proposed Energy Tech trades training programme of study. Session 2 will take the material from the first session and move into the specifics of a programme of study focused on industry required outcomes.


UCOL, in conjunction with energy sector organisations, is investigating if there is a need for energy sector training, including a ‘technician’ programme of study, which spans a wide range of industries in the sector, including service industries. This meeting is the second stage of that investigation.

The Session 2 topics include:

  • Defining the core hard (technical) skills-depth/breadth of skills training (specifics) and desired outcomes of training as determined by industry.
  • Defining the core soft (interpersonal, project management, communication, IT) skills-depth/breadth of skills training (specifics) needs and desired outcomes of training as determined by industry.
  • NZQA qualifications options and framework constraints; new qualifications, levels of study, electives and specialisation.
  • Defining programme structure options, delivery modes, and timelines.
  • Working with technicians from overseas and international certification.

If you have colleagues or industry associates that you feel would like to be involved, please contact Lyn McCurdy for an invitation.

Copies of the Session 1 feedback are available on request.


Time: 9:00am-1:30pm, 13 March 2014

Location: UCOL Palmerston North, Block 3. Main entrance from King Street: Room 3.0.02. Parking available in the UCOL Princess Street and Queen Street parking areas.

RSVP: Lyn McCurdy ph: 027 422 2867 or 06 952 7001 x 70139