Wind - right here, right now, and the right technology

Wind is crucial to New Zealand's energy future.

Wind is free, clean, and abundant in New Zealand, and we have plenty of land on which to site wind farms. Wind currently generates about 6% of NZ's electricity.

The technologies for harnessing wind have advanced hugely over the last two decades. Turbines are bigger and better. Capacity is increasing, as is efficiency and reliability. All the while, the cost of electricity produced by wind has reduced by some 80% since the 1990s.

The New Zealand Government recognises the importance of renewable generation. Current energy strategy includes a target of 90% electricity from renewable sources by 2025. Achieving this target requires a substantial increase in renewable generation, which currently accounts for around 72% of NZ’s electricity.

Renewable energy can shield the economy from global price and supply issues associated with fossil fuels. It can help combat climate change. Renewable energy also ties in strongly with New Zealand’s clean and green image around the world, supporting tourism and providing other business opportunities.