Electricity Price Review

The Terms of Reference for the Government’s review of the electricity sector were published in March 2018. The Review will investigate whether the price paid by end-consumers for electricity is fair and equitable.  The role and effectiveness of current regulatory structures round competition and the ability of the current regulatory environment to respond to emerging technologies is also a Government priority and a key focus of the Review.

The Association is supportive of the Review and highlights the importance of a well-functioning electricity system that can innovate and is able to respond to the high level of expected demand growth as New Zealand transitions to a low-emissions economy.

The Expert Advisory Panel released their first Report in August 2018 and Options Paper in February 2019.  A Final Report will be delivered to the Minister of Energy and Resources in May 2019.

The First Report and Options Paper addresses a number of current industry issues that are important to the wind industry including price structures, finalising transmission pricing and distribution. NZWEA is supportive of a number of the Report’s key points and preferred options.

Key areas the Association focused on in its submissions include:

  • The need to change electricity price structures to reflect production and delivery costs (particularly at peak demand periods).
  • The need for consistency of regulatory positioning and to makes changes to the National Policy Statement for Renewable Electricity Generation and National Policy Statement on Electricity Transmission.
  • Implementing a new National Environmental Standard for small renewable developments as well as other Resource Management Act reform to better recognise the national importance of renewable electricity generation.
  • The importance of finalising transmission pricing and agreeing a long-term position on distributed generation connection costs.
  • The importance of demand side management and utilising storage capabilities for load shifting.
  • Support for reinforcing wholesale market competition through improved information disclosures and introducing mandatory market making obligations

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The First Report and more information on the Electricity Price Review is available on the Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment’s website here: