Key Strategic Focus

Each year the NZWEA board reviews strategic direction to ensure the Association’s mission of promoting the uptake of wind energy and vision are achieved.

At its December 2017 meeting the board revised the Association’s vision.  The change to the Association’s vision reflects the lack of recent new wind development following a period of reducing electricity demand and high reserve margins limiting the requirement for new generation investment.

The Government recently announced a goal of 100% renewable generation, in an average hydrology year, by 2035.  The Association has retained the target level of wind generation at 20% but revised the achievement date to 2035 to align with the Governments goal.  The revised NZWEA Vision is That wind energy is a favoured form of electricity generation that provides 20% of New Zealand’s electricity requirements by 2035.

NZWEA’s key strategic focus can be summarised as follows:

  1. Leverage NZ’s emission reduction target to raise awareness of the benefits of renewable electricity generation, particularly wind energy.
  2. Promote domestic emission mitigation options to increase demand for electricity and support new generation build activity through the electrification of industries that are high carbon emitters.
  3. Continue to raise the profile of wind energy and ensure the regulatory environment supports wind farm development. 

Further details on the Association's strategy and work programme are below.

Any questions or comments on the Association’s strategy are most welcome.  Contact details are located in the “Contact Us“ section.