New zealand wind daY -22 february

Celebrating Wind Energy in New Zealand

Global Wind Day on 15 June is recognised in more than 75 countries with hundreds of events all around the world.  It is a day for discovering wind, its power and the possibilities it holds to change our world.

As June is in the middle of winter we thought, in addition to recognising the global event, we would create our own NZ Wind Day in summer to celebrate wind energy in New Zealand.

Today is our first NZ Wind Day.  We’re starting small and launching with a competition in a number of schools close to some of our members’ wind farms.

The competition focused on understanding the impact of climate change and global warming and how clean energy such as wind generation can reduce greenhouse gas emissions and help move us to a low carbon economy.  Students are provided with a fact sheet on Climate Change and Clean Energy and, to win a prize for their school, tell us in words or pictures what “clean energy for better future in NZ” means to them.

We will soon be putting more information on our website so even if you can’t participate in this year’s competition, you’ll be able to find out more about climate change and wind energy.

For 2018 we’ll be looking to celebrate NZ Wind Day with more activity and involving more New Zealanders in sharing the positive contribution wind energy can make to our future. 

Happy NZ Wind Day!