Antarctica New Zealand
Antarctica New Zealand is the government agency charged with carrying out New Zealand's activities in Antarctica supporting world leading science, environmental protection and operating the world’s southernmost wind farm.

Our vision is: Antarctica and the Southern Ocean - valued, protected, understood. We work to ensure that Antarctica's environment continues to be protected, that scientists are supported to find the answers to complex scientific questions, and that science outcomes are communicated back to policy makers and the public. With almost 60 years' experience working in Antarctica, New Zealand is recognised a leader in the international treaty system, and has a strong commitment to the natural environment.

As part of Antarctica New Zealand’s commitment for sustainable Antarctic operations a 1 MW wind farm was commissioned in 2010. The three Enercon E33 turbines provide energy to both the New Zealand and United Sates Antarctica Bases.

Due to the relatively small size of network and the requirement to integrate within the 60 Hz and 4160 V American power grid, key components of the Ross Island Wind Energy (RIWE) grid also include a PowerStore Flywheel and Frequency Convertor.

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