Geospace NZ Ltd

Geospace NZ Ltd is a NZ company providing 3D wind LiDAR solutions to customers in New Zealand and Australia.

Geospace has extensive background in LiDAR for wind profiling, aerial and UAV surveying plus mobile mapping. Combining these technologies we can provide a full service of 3D modelling for both terrestrial and offshore wind platforms.

Mobile LiDAR mapping capability means we can build 3D models of all access routes into a land based site, including clearance and accessibility models for land transport of large objects.

UAV LiDAR mapping can provide overview modelling, DTM and contour models plus otherwise inaccessible overland route modelling for powerlines into a site from the grid intercept point.

Through our partnership with Liece Wind LiDAR solutions we can provide an extensive range of instruments at Grade 3 DNV Bankability certification from single vertical wind mast LiDAR to full site 3D scanning wind LiDAR and for offshore projects a complete integrated dual LiDAR Buoy system.