Buddle Findlay
Buddle Findlay is New Zealand collaborative law firm, with extensive experience in energy and infrastructure projects and expertise in all forms of renewable energy.

Buddle Findlay is one of New Zealand's leading law firms in the energy and infrastructure sectors, with experience advising across the spectrum of renewable electricity projects (including wind, geothermal and hydro-electricity).

We have experience navigating all elements of the legal landscape involved in the development of renewable electricity projects including property acquisition; the resource management consenting process; Māori legal issues; public law regulatory issues and corporate and commercial matters.

Our particular strength lies in our ability to collaborate pragmatically and effectively with our clients, consultants and the community. Buddle Findlay has a strong track record of resolving disputes efficiently and fostering positive relationships between stakeholders in the process.  

More information is available about Buddle Findlay's expertise in this sector at:
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