Oceanex Energy Pty Ltd

Oceanex Energy is developing up to 5 offshore wind farms in Australia and is also planning projects off the coast of New Zealand.

Oceanex Energy (‘Oceanex’), led by two of Australia’s offshore wind pioneers, is planning the development and construction of up to 5 offshore wind farms off the coasts of NSW and WA, which will provide over 9,000MW of large-scale clean, reliable, affordable electricity that creates huge new investment, jobs and leadership opportunities for Australia, especially in key regional centres. Oceanex is also in early-stage development of projects off the coast of New Zealand.

Offshore wind farms have been developed globally for almost 30 years and can provide many benefits for Australia including:

  • Estimated $47b of total capital expenditure across 5 projects commencing construction from 2027
  • Over $1b of total development expenditure across 5 projects which has already commenced
  • Up to 10,000 jobs (direct and indirect) per project during construction and approximately 300 annual, full-time jobs during operational life of 30 years - mainly regional and high-value jobs
  • Assistance in transitioning workforces to a related, large-scale, innovative new industry
  • Attraction of significant local and, particularly, international investment in a growing asset class to Australia
  • Enabling acceleration of similar innovative new industries such as hydrogen and electric transportation
  • Avoiding environmental issues associated with land-based infrastructure and energy projects
  • Establishing Australia as an innovation/R&D/education leader in the energy and technology space with the development of ‘floating foundation’ technology