Preformed Line Products
PLP is a diversified global corporation that provides infrastructure solutions to the energy, communications, renewable power, marine and agriculture industries, among others. PLP delivers high-quality, dependable solutions and market-leading Customer service through a global network of 23 primary facilities and more than 3,200 employees.

PLP is a diversified global corporation that provides infrastructure solutions to the energy, communications, renewable power, marine and agriculture industries, among others. PLP delivers high-quality, dependable solutions and market-leading Customer service through a global network of 23 primary facilities and more than 3,200 employees.

PLP maintains wholly-owned subsidiaries in Australia, Argentina, Austria, Brazil, Canada, China, Czech Republic, France, Great Britain, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Poland, Russia, South Africa, Spain and Thailand. These international operations work together to provide PLP with outstanding global market coverage and Customer service in more than 100 countries around the world.

In addition to manufacturing traditional products for the energy and telecommunications sectors, PLP’s operations provide products uniquely suited to meet the needs of its Customers.  PLP’s commitment to technical innovation, along with outstanding product performance and exceptional Customer service, are the hallmarks of its worldwide capabilities.

Exceptional customer service

With an experienced and Customer focused staff, PLP promptly reacts to your requirements keeping lead times to a minimum. An effective product supply chain makes certain that product moves from origin to installation without unnecessary delays. Local Customer service centres offer a single point of contact and technical support.

Manufacturing excellence

Lean and modern manufacturing technologies ensure that PLP is able to quickly and efficiently produce a wide array of products. PLP holds ISO 9001, ISO 14000 and ISO 45001:2015 certifications and meets testing specifications as defined globally and at the local level.

Industry leading innovative product design

PLP works closely with its Customers to pioneer the development of new products for their specific requirements. PLP’s innovative product designs are fostered by its dedicated design engineering team utilizing the latest Computer-Aided Design, rapid prototyping capabilities, in-house testing, and a stringent product development program.

Energy distribution

PLP manufactures fittings for bare aluminium, copper and overhead cable used in the power distribution industry. PLP distribution products cover the functions of termination, suspension, support, connection and protection with a wide range of conductor, line hardware fittings, switchgear and accessories. In addition to PLP’s engineering expertise, skills and resources, PLP can effectively design, develop, produce and test fittings to overcome problems that face Customers in the field.

Energy transmission

Preformed Line Products (PLP) has been providing innovative product and service solutions to the electric power utility industry since 1947. PLP offers solutions for supporting, protecting, terminating and splicing transmission lines.

PLP offers innovative product solutions like the CUSHION-GRIP® family of transmission suspension, support and spacer damper products, along with compression hardware, motion control, string hardware and wildlife protection products. PLP also has fittings for high temperature and composite core conductors.

Energy substation

PLP has manufactured integrated bus systems since 2000. Its long history in supplying quality high voltage hardware and fittings provided a solid foundation for advancement into substation system supply. PLP’s engineering teams have helped design components and turnkey substation packages ranging from 22kV to 500kV and is further extended to 1200kV with the acquisition of Subcon in Austria. Their involvement in the process from design and estimation, right up to final manufacture, produces a high-quality engineered product. Customers can be well assured that the manufacturing quality and engineering backup synonymous with all PLP energy products applies equally to substations.

Energy fibre network

PLP has fibre network solutions for the power industry including a full array of products for OPGW (Optical Ground Wire) and ADSS (All-Dielectric Self-Supporting) fibre optic cables. As the designer and manufacturer of FIBERLIGN® Hardware and COYOTE® splice closures for OPGW and ADSS cable, PLP maintains a leadership role in the industry by continually developing, improving and testing these products.


Products that perform better, last longer and are easier to install – you can count on Preformed Line Products to provide high quality closures and connectivity solutions that meet the rigorous demands of today’s modern communications networks. PLP serves all segments of the communications industry including network operators, cable and broadband service providers, enterprise networks, government agencies and educational institutions.

Alternative energy PV Solar

PLP is a major manufacturer of PV Solar mounting hardware systems, providing innovative solutions for any solar application including commercial, industrial, government, utility scale and residential applications. Professional installers rely on PLP’s product line of superior strength and easy-to-install mounting systems and enclosures. PLP delivers added value to its Customers through technical expertise and unparalleled Customer support. PV solar industry experience and lean manufacturing capabilities allow PLP to respond to its Customers’ needs quickly and with precision. PLP has delivered >1GW of turn-key solar projects.

Special industries

Preformed Line Products offers a broad range of products designed for specialised industries such as Tower & Antenna, Elevator, Metal Buildings, Arborist & Vineyard, Farm & Ranch, Rail and Urethane.

Tower & antenna

PLP provides trusted solutions to the Tower and Antenna industries in the form of deadends, wildlife protection, and repair hardware. All antenna dead-ends are manufactured to 100% rated breaking strength to ensure that PLP products remain the industry standard. Accessories like vibration dampers and bird diverters give you peace of mind by ensuring your structures and wildlife stay safe for years to come.


Reeving Splices were designed in conjunction with The Otis Elevator Company as an aid to simplify marrying wire ropes during elevator repairs. Reeving splices hold galvanized steel cables in place, allowing old elevator wire ropes to be removed and replaced.

Metal buildings

PLP developed superior cross bracing solutions for the metal building industry. The BRACE-GRIP® Dead-end system provides 100% of the published rated breaking strength of the strand for which it is designed, while remaining lightweight and easy-to-install and cost effective.

Arborist & vineyards

Cabling hardware and TREE-GRIPTM Dead-ends make tree cabling installation and repair easier than ever. Get the job done faster without worrying about breakage with hardware that’s designed to be installed in minutes. PLP also offers vineyard trellising connectors that increase the rated breaking strength of a trellis thus producing higher crop yields.

Farm & ranch

The Ranchmate® product line introduced the world to innovative fencing products that are changing the way wire fences are built and repaired. Ranchmate enables farmers and ranchers to construct and mend wire fences like utility linemen have built and fixed overhead conductor lines for decades.


PLP’s proven technology for cable anchoring and control hardware systems are used globally for railways as the preferred choice with superior reliability and designs to thrive in harsh environments. PLP’s fibre optic hardware and splice cases make it easy to connect the modern rail systems with the latest fibre technology.

Urethane solutions

PLP provides stock and customized urethane solutions for mining, rail, and transit industries. A wide selection of urethane casting systems is designed to meet your needs, whether you’re looking for a solution with excellent tensile strength, fast curing time, perfect clarity or low water absorption.

Additional products and services

PLP provides laboratory testing and technical services to support Customer needs and solve their most difficult problems.

Laboratory services

  • Vibration damper testing
  • Spacer damper testing
  • Long bed tensile machines
  • Mechanical tension test rig
  • Hardness testing
  • Heat cycle testing
  • Coating thickness testing
  • Salt fog testing
  • Environmental chamber testing

Design & develop products for special applications

  • High temperature conductor
  • Extra long span river crossing
  • Multi bundle spacer damper

Asset inspection services

  • Conductor & hardware on existing lines
  • Wind turbine inspections
  • Substations and solar PV inspections
  • Vegetation inspections

Field vibration studies

  • Engineering services

ISO certifications and accreditations; and committees

  • ISO 9001, 14001, 45001:2015
  • IEEE
  • ANSI
  • IEC