MPC Kinetic
MPC Kinetic is a leading engineering and construction company specialising in renewable energy projects in Australia and New Zealand.

The delivery partner of choice for the energy and resource construction industry.

Our company's experienced workforce has safely delivered some of Australia's largest resource developments and provided clients with innovative, cost-effective project solutions.

Our renewable commitment

MPC Kinetic, headquartered in Brisbane (AUS) and New Plymouth (NZ) continues to play a key role in the development of the renewable resource sector, by partnering with companies focused on harnessing sustainable green energy through wind and solar farms.

Built on the premise of always seeking better ways to achieve optimum safety and productivity outcomes, MPC Kinetic has earned a solid industry reputation for foreseeing potential project barriers and overcoming them through innovative thinking.

Our comprehensive understanding and on-time delivery of all BoP scopes for wind and solar farms, is underpinned by a workplace safety culture that has enabled MPC Kinetic's 2000+ workforce to deliver multiple projects with industry leading HSE performance.

MPC Kinetic played a key role in the construction of the 39-turbine Crowlands Wind Farm in north-eastern Victoria and consequently is constructing the 43-turbine Berrybank Wind Farm in south-western Victoria.

Part of Pacific Hydro's clean energy portfolio, the 80MW wind farm development is the first to be included in the Melbourne Renewable Energy Project (MREP).

The MREP enables cities, corporations, tertiary and cultural institutions, to take an active role in securing renewable electricity supply and take action on climate change.

MPC Kinetic is proud to be a part of Australia's growing renewable energy sector and partnering with the country's leading green energy developers.

Our capabilities

MPC Kinetic has successfully delivered more than $2.5 billion in large-scale infrastructure projects for the renewable, mining and pipeline sectors.

Installed 2000+km of high voltage and fibre optic cabling.

Constructed 30,000+m3 in critical concrete structures on resource projects.

2 million m3 in earthworks and haul road networks.

Installed 1500+km steel pipelines and 7000+km HDPE gas pipeline networks.

Project delivery

Berrybank Wind Farm: Victoria, Australia. 43 x 4.2MW turbines, 38km in access tracts, foundation & hardstand construction and project laydowns / benches.

Crowlands Wind Farm: Victoria, Australia, 39 turbines, 45km in access tracks, 30km electrical reticulation, 33-220KW sub-station.

Solar Boost: Queensland, Australia.  Installation of 5,460 solar panels, 1,000 tonnes of steel erection and 60km in steam pipelines.

Black Oak Getty Wind Farm: Minnesota, US.  Installation of 37km of HC Cable (Collection Line) and 1.6km of Horizontal Directional Drilling.

San Roman Wind Farm: Texas U.S.  Installation of 37km of HV Cable and 1.6km of Horizontal Directional Drilling.

W2K Wind Farm: North Dakota U.S.  Installation of 180km of Fibre Optic cable.


MPC Kinetic's innovative cable crawler is the fastest, most accurate and safest method of installing high voltage and fibre optic cabling within the industry.

The purpose-built machine provides clients with a cost-effective, safe solution for cable installation.

All-terrain stability and increased speed through track mounting.

Increased installation accuracy and operator safety through remote control.

Smaller crew sizes and decreased injury risk through hydraulic drum loading.

Decreased environmental footprint through need for less machinery.

Partnering with communities

MPC Kinetic understands the importance of positive engagement with host communities during projects, and the beneficial outcomes that can be achieved through the provision of local employment and business opportunities.

In addition to front line engagement on projects, MPC Kinetic also works closely with host communities and Traditional Owner groups to provide genuine skills upgrade programs and actively consults with local businesses to develop or expand their capabilities.

"it's great to see energy companies providing businesses like mine a genuine opportunity.  It's helped my business and I've employed more local people as a result".  Marty Dean - MC Dean Earthmoving, Landsborough West. Vic.