AB Industries
AB Industries specialise in supplying high performing lubricants, and the refurbishing of Whitemetal Bearings for Turbines, Generators, Gearboxes, Electric Motors and Pumps in the power generation industry including Wind, Hydro & Thermal Energy since 1953.

AB Industries is a multi-generational family business that was started in 1953, based in the greater Auckland area and serving the Power Generation Industry including Wind Energy, Hydro Energy & Thermal Energy across Australasia and South East Asia.

AB Industries are specialists in their field of supplying high performing lubricants, refurbishing and manufacturing of Whitemeal Bearing for Turbines, Generators, Gearboxes, Electric Motors and Pumps.

Our mission is to provide products and service solutions to extend the life of critical equipment assets for industry and government.

Our ethos is to do the right thing, act with integrity and in good faith.

We make every effort to ensure that your finished product is better than you expect.

Our commitment to excellence is demonstrated by our accreditation to ISO 9001 quality standards since 1994.

We guarantee quality every time, and we back this with our expertise, experience and commitment to customer service.

AB Industries is certified to ISO9001:2015

This means that we have a quality management system that conforms to international standards and that we are regularly audited by an independent third party professional certification body.  All of our work is done in accordance with the appropriate procedures and in accordance with the manufacturer's specifications.  We document critical measurements and inspections and this is stored for future reference.