JV BlueFloat Energy / Energy Estate
Joint Venture between BlueFloat Energy, a global developer of offshore wind, and Energy Estate, an advisory and accelerator business focussed on the transformation of the global energy sector.

BlueFloat Energy and Energy Estate have teamed up to create a joint venture that explores development opportunities for offshore wind at sites across New Zealand and Australia.

The joint venture currently works on a portfolio of a number of fixed and floating offshore projects. Core to the joint venture is a key objective to achieve broader social, economic and environmental benefits to the regional communities in and around the project sites.

BlueFloat Energy was founded by a team of floating offshore wind pioneers with extensive knowledge and hands-on experience in executing floating offshore wind projects. Leveraging this unique expertise we have partnered with Energy Estate, a strong local player, to unlock the potential of offshore wind in New Zealand and Australia as a key enabler for the energy transition and economic growth.