2022 Offshore Wind Workshop Programme

The offshore wind workshop will commence at 12.00pm with a networking lunch and then four sessions with a number of presentations followed by delegates considering actions to best enable offshore wind development. The workshop will finish with a panel discussion followed by the opportunity to catch up again over drinks.

Session 1

Introducing offshore wind

Providing an understanding of offshore wind including global and local developments.

The session will also look at the benefits offshore wind can offer.

Session 2

Enabling offshore wind


Articulating the areas where progress is needed to enable development including the regulatory framework, working in the marine environment and best practice infrastructure development.

Session 3


Delegates workshop the key actions necessary to ensure offshore development is successful.

Session 4

The panel


Industry experts consider the roles played by onshore and offshore wind,; are they complimentary and do they serve different markets?



The full workshop programme and speaker details will be made available shortly. For all questions and enquiries please contact