2022 Wind Energy Conference Programme

As with previous years, the 2022 Conference day will comprise of four sessions, each with a theme comprising a number of presentations:

Session 1

Energy sector – the big picture

Articulating a vision for a sustainable energy system covering strategies and actions to manage the transformation to a low carbon future.

The session will include a presentation from Minister Woods a customer perspective on energy sector transformation, the Aotearoa Circles low carbon energy roadmap and a facilitated panel and audience Q&A discussion.

Session 2

Empowering new wind


Covers an update on wind farm builds in NZ, a regulatory framework review including RM system reform and how to effectively engage with the Department of Conservation.

The session will include a presentation on getting the best environmental outcomes.

Session 3


Showcasing innovation in onshore and offshore wind technology.

The session will include exploring the utilisation of New Zealand’s extensive renewable resources, including offshore wind generation, for both domestic economic growth and export opportunities.

Session 4

Accelerating the renewables transformation 


Considering perspectives on how energy sector transformation will impact the electricity industry including technological change, demand growth and market operations with a higher level of renewable generation.

The session will also include a facilitated panel and audience discussion on the key opportunities and challenges to enable a successful transformation.



The full 2022 Conference programme and speaker details will be made available shortly. For all questions and enquiries please contact