Wind Energy Newsletters

Wind Energy Matters is a quarterly email newsletter from the New Zealand Wind Energy Association. It is useful for planners, researchers, policy makers and others interested in wind energy. It is essential reading to keep you in touch with one of the world's fastest growing energy sources.

Each issue contains a round-up of wind energy news, links to wind energy stories on the web, and some topical thoughts from NZWEA regarding happenings in the wind energy sector.

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Issue 13

June 2014

  • First power from Mill Creek Wind Farm
  • Global Wind Day
  • NZ Wind Energy Conference wrap up
  • Visiting experts predict radical change
  • Dominion Salt Lake Grassmere Wind Farm
  • Wind technology continues to improve

Issue 12

February 2014

  • Wind: A Safe Future - NZ Wind Energy Conference 2014
  • Examining 2013 and Onwards Into 2014
  • Global Wind Success
  • Cost of Renewables
  • NZ Must Tackle Rising Emissions from Electricity Sector
  • OECD, World Bank & IMF Slam Fossil Fuel Subsidies
  • GWEC’s Steve Sawyer on Wind and Subsidies in New Zealand

Issue 11

October 2013

  • Weather Forecasting & the Electricity Sector
  • International Success for Wind Continues Apace
  • Climate Change
  • Infrasound and the Nocebo Effect
  • 2014 Wind Energy Conference
  • Wind Farm Updates: Lulworth & Weld Cone Power Through Earthquakes, Project Mill Creek
WindEnergyMatters11.pdf WindEnergyMatters11.pdf
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Issue 10

December 2012

  • Evolving the Electricity Market to Optomise Renewable Potential
  • Renewable Energy Outlooks Positive
  • Windfarm Updates
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Issue 9

June 2012

  • Global Wind Day special issue
  • New wind farm for Wellington
  • Economics report: NZ wind energy employment prospects strong
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